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Course Description

Courses Offered

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy (60 Seats)
  • Master of Pharmacy (36 Seats)


  • To create an environment which encourages and supports the institute’s endeavor of attaining international repute
  • To produce pharmacy graduates who are globally competent
  • To introduce innovative programs in emerging areas
  • To organize continuing pharmacy education programs
  • To develop the spirit of entrepreneurship
  • To organize faculty development programs
  • To promote research in thrust areas
  • To provide consultancy services in areas of pharmaceutical sciences
  • To interlink pharmaceutical sciences with biotechnology and other life sciences


  • Industrial Research & Consultancy
    • Providing Consultancy Service
    • Sponsored industrial research
    • Research guidance from industry for post-graduate students
  • Organize Industrial Training and industrial visit for the Students: Training is the integral part of the study to acknowledge them for real world problems. Students are placed at various industries for 1 month and under supervision and guidance of respective industry personnel and faculty members.
  • Co-curricular and extra curricular activities play an important role in the all-round development of professional students. They indeed serve as an adjunct to the rigorous course work. It is proposed to constitute the pharmaceutical society of Institute and other student chapters of national / international societies. Various student activities like cultural festival, ras-garba, quizzes, elocution, debates, annual day, class picnics, etc. are regularly organized by institute with adequate involvement of faculty members.
    The objectives of these activities are:

    • To promote disciplined corporate, intellectual, civil and cultural life amongst students and the faculty of the institute.
    • To foster activities to bring out creative talents of the students.
    • To promote the study and discussion of subjects of national and international importance.
    • To create awareness amongst the students about their professional identity and their obligations to the profession and society at large.
    • To create a strong spirit of teamwork and cohesiveness by organizing various cultural, literary and professional activities along with the academic routine.


After completing B.Pharma, one can pursue Masters in Pharmacy, MBA Pharmaceutical management., and many more pharma related courses.

Career options after completing B Pharm or M Pharm:

  • Teaching: B Pharm – First Class students are eligible to teach as lecturers in the D Pharm programme, where as M Pharm, First Class students can get a lecturer’s job in pharmacy degree colleges.
  • Pharmacist: Being in the health-related field, the B Pharm graduate can be Health-system Pharmacist or Hospital Pharmacist or Community Pharmacist.
  • Quality Assurance Health Manager: The Pharmacy graduate can play an important role in the development of clinical care plans, can investigate adverse medication events and in some cases can suggest preventive measures. He can play a key role in spreading awareness amongst the people about AIDS and the preventive measures to be taken.
  • Medical Transcription: The B Pharm graduate can work with medical practitioners to maintain the patient treatment history, the drug to which he/she is allergic etc.
  • Analytical Chemist of Quality Control Manager: The pharmacy graduate can play a crucial role in controlling product quality. The drug and the Cosmetics Act (1945), Rules 71(1) and 76(1) says that the manufacturing activity should be taken up under the supervision of a technical man whose qualification should be B Pharm, B Sc, B Tech or medicine with Bio-Chemistry.
  • Sales and Marketing: Ambitious achievers with pleasant personality and good communication skills can opt for the job of Medical Sales Representative. The companies prefer pharmacy graduates for this job, as they have a good knowledge about the drug molecules, their therapeutic effects and the drug – drug interactions.
  • Clinical Research: B Pharm/ M Pharm degree holders can take up career in clinical research. The human testing phase is called the clinical trial. A pharmacist can work as clinical research associate or clinical pharmacist and can rise to the position of project manager. The clinical research associate plays an important role of monitoring and overseeing the conducts of clinical trials, which are conducted on healthy human volunteers. They have to see that the trials meet the international guidelines a nd the national regulatory requirements.
  • Data Manager: A pharmacist can seek employment as “Data Manager” to store the data in the computer and process it using software developed for the purpose.
  • Regulatory Manager: A pharmacy graduate can work as “Regulatory Manager”(RM) in companies and contract research organisation. As an RM he has to oversee regulatory documentation such as Clinical trial approval permission, marketing approval permission etc.
  • Career in Regulatory bodies: A Pharmacist can be absorbed in the Regulatory bodies like Food and Drug Administration. Pharmacist having experience in clinical trial centres can also work as an inspector to inspect the clinical trial process. For these government jobs the student needs to appear and pass the MPSC examination.
  • Biotechnology is a fast growing branch and the B Pharm graduates can opt for post graduate diploma programme in Bioinformatics.
  • They can handle the job of monitoring the conduct of clinical trials that are conducted on human volunteers. It is their responsibility to see that the clinical trials are carried out as per the international guidelines.
  • The B Pharm Science programme is considered as a paramedical programme. The B Pharm Science graduates can therefore work in hospitals as hospital pharmacist or community pharmacist.
  • Since they have a good knowledge of therapeutic effects of drugs and that of drug-drug interaction, they are more suitable for a job in clinical research.
  • They can opt for the post of clinical pharmacist or clinical research associate in a clinical research laboratory.


Section 1 - Understanding the basics of conversational English;

Section 2 - Conversational English Assessment

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